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There are about 15 Planetary Paths in Europe, the Planetary Path (Planeten-Lehr-Pfad) at Hude-Wüsting is the only one in Northern Germany. The path was established in spring 1994.

It is a scale model of the solar system in the scale 1:1 billion. It consists of a number of 10 sculptures made of red stone and bronze, which are placed along the 'Freiherr-von-Münnich-Straße' between Hude and Wüsting. The whole distance is 6 kilometres.

On each planet statue you can see the name of the planet, a little globe that shows the size of the planet, the planet`s sign, the diameter, the number of moons, the surface temperature, the distance to the sun and the circulation-time around the sun.

Near Wüsting itself you can see the large yellow sun model made of aluminium, in other times used as a rocket-booster of a Ariane rocket. It shows the size of the sun model: 1.39 metres. That means that it really has a diametre of 1.392.530 kilometres. You can see the model exactly at the degree of latitude 5307`09", 6470 north and at the degree of longitude 8 20`38",6062 east.

From here you can walk or ride by bike through our solar system. First you will reach the little planet Mercury (0.5 cm diametre). From here you continue past Venus, the Earth (1.3 cm diameter) with the Moon (38.4 cm far away form Earth), Mars, the Planetoids, Jupiter (14.3 cm diametre) and Saturn with the rings.

You will then have accomplished 1.427 milliard kilometres in space. Saturn is the last planet with a view to the model of the sun, a tiny yellow point at the western end of the street, as little as a top of a needle.

To the next planet - Uranus - is a longer distance, it is nearly at the eastern end of the street with a distance of 2.870 kilometres to the model of the sun.

In the forest 'Reiherholz' you can find the God of the sea, Neptune. Here you also can train your physical knowledge by lifting some buckets, which show you the gravitation on Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars and Jupiter. The basic-bucket (Earth) is ten kilos, the Moon-bucket only 1.6 kilos and Jupiter e.g. is 25.6 kilos.

At last you can see the little Pluto at the end of the "Lehmweg". Pluto has an oval orbit and therefore it is sometimes inside the orbit of Neptune. Here it is shown outside the Neptune orbit.

The route is marked with some brown or blue signs 'Planeten-Lehr-Pfad Hude-Wüsting'.


Gemeinde Hude, Parkstr. 53, D-27798 Hude,
enrolment for guided tours: VHS Hude, phone +49-4408-1051

Hartmut Langetepe/Dr. Günter Alfs

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